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Hi there my name is Porti
Every country has non official food and places that are part of the locals life.
I lived in many countries (well in bear years it means few days :) )
I bring you the culture hacks only local would know.


Israel Goods

  1. Bamba is the non official national food. Great and fluffy peanut snack. You wouldn’t understand how good it is until you’ll try (here is a proof). There are all kinds of flavors such as nougat and halva cream. There’s also red Bamba but don’t fall for this tricky name, the Bamba name has nothing to do with the flavor.
  2. Bislli – krispy, crunchy and come in many flavors. We recommend you’ll try the onion, the grill and the falafel flavors.Want to get wild? Buy Bamba and grill Bislly, and push one of the Bisli into the one of the Bamba and eat together. Interesting ha?
  3. Krembo – it’s a seasonal snack (how cool is that!). You would only be able to find it in the winter (between November to February) so if you are lucky to be in Israel during this period of time you definitely should give it a try. Airy vanilla cream coated with chocolate laid on top of a biscuit. Israelis are always contemplating about the right way to eat it. Should you start from the top and leave the biscuit for last? Should you eat it in one bite?
  4. Halva - a Mediterranean treat. You’ll either love it or hate it. Isn’t similar to anything you really know.
  5. Za’atar – not exactly a treat but a Mediterranean spice you need to try. Anything with Za’atar taste better so try adding it to cheese, salads, hummus or even bread.



  1. Nahalat Binyamin – one street full of local arts and crafts. If you’re already there and your hungry (I know I would :) ) try flat pita bread with Labane cheese and Za’atar.
  2. Carmel Market – next to Nahalat Binyamin. Great place to purchase local produce while absorbing some Israeli culture.
  3. Jaffa Flea Market – this is the place for finding great vintage items and great food.

Street Food

Israel street food, Sabih, Burekas, Maluah

  1. Sabih – funny name,a great taste. Pita bread filled with fried eggplant, boiled eggs, potatoes along with Tahini sauce. You’re going to love it, trust me.
  2. Burekas – pastry filled with one of the follwing: cheese, potatoes, mushrooms or pizza sauce. They are small and full of flavor. You wouldn’t noticed you ate them all. Try to get them in Jaffa, there are great bakeries there.
  3. Malauh - Puff pastry eaten with tomatoes sauce and hard boiled eggs rolled out like a Burrito. Sounds horrible I know but it’s so good you would love it!

Well if you are too far from Israel and not going to visit there any time soon, you can always comfort yourself and explore it via Teleporti.



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